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Trade Quality Tube/MGP Traffic

TotalTrafficSystem features a unique traffic trading system that allows webmasters to trade traffic with over 300 sites instantly. Every site in our network can return quality traffic in real time. In addition, each trade can recieve traffic returns of up to 150% sent.

Program Features
A majority of our traffic is visitors from premium countries (billable countries).
Full trade statistics for each of your domains trading with our sites.
Single & mass sign up options available. Perfect for starting 1 or 100 trades.

Program Details
If you run a porn tube site, TGP or MGP then our porn tube trade network is perfect for helping you get massive traffic. If you send quality productive traffic to our sites, we will return a high amount of traffic back. All traffic that we send back to you is high quality traffic -- That means the traffic we send you is filtered for hitbots, nocookies & site leechers -- You won't get stuck with low quality traffic when you trade with us.

The Benefits:
  1. All sites have a large visible toplist for non blind return traffic.
  2. All sites have a large amount of bookmarkers -- Better quality traffic.
  3. All sites are set to auto return traffic instantly. No waiting periods or approval required.
Our sites are perfect for large and small trades because our script is a custom version of TTT designed to return maximum traffic in real time regardless of trade size.
The Niches:
We have several sites in many different niches. If you are looking for trades that match your sites niche, then we probably have a suitable match.
The Countries:
We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure that trades recieve mostly premium traffic. We automatically remove poor quality trades sending large volume of third world traffic so it is not sent to our other trades. This means that a majority of your traffic will be sent from the following countries:

AU Australia
AT Austria
BE Belgium
CA Canada
DK Denmark
FI Finland
FR France
DE Germany
GR Greece
IS Iceland
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LU Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
NZ New Zealand
NO Norway
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
GB United Kingdom

Note: We do NOT filter any of our traffic, but we do remove trades not sending an appropriate % of premium country traffic.
The Requirements:
There are no additional requirements. All you have to do is sign up to our trades and send traffic. We auto approve ALL trades, so there's no need for you to contact us.

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